Curator: Architect Dr. Joseph Cory

אדוות אקולוגיות

Ecological Ripples

03/09/2015 - 03/07/2015

Architecture does not take place within a void. Architecture that does not contain sustainable aspects is not ethical architecture and is not a relevant architecture in the new era that we are living in. The exhibition “Ecological Ripples” intends to be a thinking platform regarding sustainability. The exhibition presents ground-breaking ecological projects built in Israel and around the world by Dr. Joseph Cory and colleagues, alongside unrealized ideas.

The exhibition “Ecological Ripples” in the Munio Gitai Weinraub Architecture Museum presents almost thirty diverse architectural projects by Geotectura Studio created in recent years, built and unbuilt, through physical models, videos and augmented reality. Each project and model represents an alternative of energy independence and environmentally-aware building.

The ecological models are presented on top of oil barrels, a by-product of the old world based on fossil fuels and environmental pollution.

About the architect:
Haifa based architect Dr. Joseph Cory is a graduate cum laude from the Technion (Israel), with practical and academic background in ecological design, a graduate of the Heschel Center Environmental Fellowship program.

Dr. Cory established Geotectura studio specializing in innovative ecological design. His work and research are widely published and exhibited in Israel and internationally and have received wide acclaim.

The studio has won more than twenty local and international design awards, designing ecological structures at the cutting edge of sustainable design.

Cory is a faculty member and senior lecturer at the Shenkar College department of interior building and environment design.

Curator: Architect Dr. Joseph Cory

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