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מגורים משותפים

Shared residence

15/06/2018 - 15/03/2018

From the Pompidou Center Collection

Carlo Aymonino (2010-1926)

Italian architect and urban planner and editor-in-chief of Casabella-Contità magazine. Casabella- Contità . Known for his theoretical positions on questions of typology, urbanism and urban planning, and for his outstanding projects he has designed throughout Italy. In his work he has collaborated with architects such as Aldo Rossi. In the 1960s and 1970s, he played a significant role in the planning of cities such as Bologna, Turin, Reggio-Emilia and Florence.

Munio Gitai-Weinraub (1970-1909)

Architect and Urban Builder, is a clear representative of a generation of architects born in Central Europe, who were educated on the Bauhaus heritage and realized advanced ideas of architecture in the service of society in Palestine-Israel in the 1930s – in Israel Gitai-Weinraub designed, among other things, kibbutz projects, industrial buildings And residential housing, and took part in the teams of architects entrusted with the design of the Yad Vashem Museum and the Hebrew University Campus in Givat Ram, Jerusalem.

MBM Architects Office of Architecture and Urban Planning

Founded in Spain in 1951 by Joseph Martorell, Oriol Bohigas and David McKay. The buildings they designed and the theoretical study of the three in questions of modernism and the public space, were the inspiration for many Spanish architects who followed in their footsteps.

Jean Renaudie (1981-1925)

Began his career as an architect at the Monroe Workshop, ‘and in 1968 – opened an independent office. Among other things, he designed, in collaboration with ReneGailhoustet,the renewal of the urban center of the Parisian suburb of Ivry-Sur-Seine, which specializes in residential apartments in the “stars” configuration.

Gabriele Basilico (2013-1944)

A photographer of urban landscapes and an architect by training, he surveyed the cities of the world for nearly forty years, in search of a unique perspective that would present the key to organizing the local space. His photographs have won him numerous exhibitions and awards.

Olivier Cinqualbre

Architect and historian of architecture, is the chief curator of architecture at the National Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou Center, Paris. As part of this role he has curated many exhibitions.

Amos Gitai (1950 Haifa)

The creator of documentaries and feature films, plays and exhibitions, is the son of Munio Gitai-Weinraub and Efratia Munchik-Luria-Margalit. Gitai, an architect by training, studied at the Technion in Haifa and the University of California, Berkeley before directing his first documentary, House, in 1980.

Curator: From the Pompidou Center Collection

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